Sculpture / 3.7 (h) x 2 (w) x 2m (d) / Aluminium lightboxes, Duraclear prints / 2011


The sculpture consists of 16 aluminium lightboxes stacked on top of each other forming a tower with dimensions 3.7 x 2 x 2m (height x width x depth).

The photo book Keepsake is published in cooperation with Kunstvereniging Diepenheim. It includes 14 loose leaf prints and Basje Boer's text Monument. The book can be ordered at Johan Deumens GalleryKominek Gallery and directly from the artist. Specifications of the photo book:

copies 100, numbered
dimensions  30 (w) x 43cm (h)
language english
14 loose leaf prints
Basje Boer's text book Monument, 12 pp, 20 (w) x 26cm (h)