Film / 2017


Elisabeth is an adolescent woman trying to find her way in life. When not at home in Amsterdam, she spends time in the provincial hospital, as she wrestles with depression. She conducts a correspondence with aunty Hans and uncle Evaristo. The postcards and letters sent by aunty Hans from Italy, often carry rather strange advice as to better her condition. In the only text in this book that was written by Elisabeth herself, and addressed to a certain Edward, she wrote: "Are you okay. The last time I saw you it was nice and I felt very much better. Are you still living in Brussels. I don't know but I liked the house you lived and the streets there. I want to eat.”

Film 'Elisabeth', 17 minutes

Editor: Jessica de Koning

Voice over: Aoife Nic Ardghail

Sound engineer: Terence Dunn
Sound producer: Nina Gantz

Supported by The Hague Museum of Photography