Photo Book / Design by Mariken Wessels, Full color / 2012



Sourced from photographs on the internet, Who, is a reconstruction of a person from the artist's past. Someone dear, but of whom there were no pictures upon his died. The photo album is an effort to remember him. An assemblement of images related to his life, based on memories of this man and extended by imagination.

These images create a new reality, diluting the real with the construct. An ongoing dialectic between memory and imagination is provoked, with the final result the rendering of new memories and through them a new past.

Specifications of the photo book:
Who / 2012 (concept 2006)
Concept and design Mariken Wessels
Dimensions 15 cm x 21 cm
60 pages
Limited edition, 150 copies
Full color 

The book is available directly from the artist and at a selection of book shops world wide soon. See the links page for more info on the book shop.